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Wet pressure magnetic tile production process and magnetizing method
Apr 20, 2018

Wet pressure magnetic tile production process:


Wet-pressed magnetic tiles vary according to their materials and types, and their technological differences will appear to be large. The process flow for wet-pressed heterosexuals is: raw material—pre-burning—coarse grinding (ball milling)—ingredients - Second ball grinding (wet grinding) - magnetic field molding - sintering - grinding - cleaning - magnetization. Since the forming slurry contains water, the magnetic field forming particles are easily turned to obtain a higher degree of orientation than the dry pressing property, and the performance thereof becomes higher.


Three commonly used magnetization methods in wet-pressing magnetic tiles:


The first is that the wet-pressing magnetic tile is magnetized separately, and then is loaded into the casing, and then the whole is assembled; the second magnetic tile is loaded into the casing (sticky), then re-magnetized, and then the whole is assembled; the third type is the magnetic shoe assembly. Into the casing (sticky), and then assembled the finished product, and finally the entire magnetization.


The influence of different ways of wet pressure magnetic tile on the magnetization of magnetic tile:


The first magnetization method is about 10% lower than the surface remanence of the second and third magnetization methods. In general, the second magnetization method is more reasonable; the first method is more convenient for magnetization, and some plants will use it. Solenoid tunneling is used for magnetization, and the production efficiency is also relatively high. The second way is magnetization, some plants use external impact, some use internal impact, magnetic cores or magnetic rings need to be viscous and dry, and production It is also very convenient.


The third method of magnetically pressing a magnetic tile is magnetizing. There are a lot of small motors (mostly three-slot) using this method, which is very easy to install when the rotor is installed because there is no magnetic force, but it is not convenient to check whether the magnetic charge is good.


The first magnetization method of wet-pressing magnetic tile belongs to open-circuit magnetization, because there is no external magnetic field circuit during magnetization and no closed loop is formed, magnetization of magnetic tile is not easy to be saturated, and magnetic flux density of magnetic tile is affected. Generally, it will be lower than closed circuit magnetization. The second magnetization method is the most commonly used. It is closed loop magnetization. The magnetic flux density after magnetization is also the highest, and the gas can be adjusted by the shape of the magnetizing head. Magnetic flux density gap can meet the requirements of different motor performance.



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