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Use NdFeB magnet Note
Aug 16, 2017

What are the precautions when we use NdFeB magnet? Next Xiaobian introduced you one by one.

1. In the course of use should ensure that the workplace clean, so as not to iron and other small impurities adsorbed on the surface of NdFeB magnet affect the normal use of the product.

2. NdFeB magnet is very strong, such as its strong impact, the magnet will be broken and scattered, magnetic debris may fly into the eyes, please use caution.

2. NdFeB magnet suitable for storage in a ventilated and dry room, acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, water, high temperature and humidity environment easy to make the magnet rust, coating off the powder powder demagnetization. For non-electroplated products should pay attention to, storage may be appropriate oil rust.

NdFeB magnet

No use of NdFeB magnet products users, will be surprised at the strong magnetic force of NdFeB. It is difficult to separate the two NdFeB magnets that have been sucked together. So how does NdFeB absorb together?

1. When the NdFeB magnet each other, you and inseparable, it is recommended to push the wrong, must not hard pull pry.

2. with the left hand fixed the whole magnet, the right hand with the index finger and thumb with the level of moving out of the magnet,

3 .. Do not immediately after the move out of the NdFeB magnet thrown into the magnet heap, please immediately remove the magnet.

4. Take it lightly, place it away from the iron or the magnetic thing, or the paper is wrapped in paper, so that it is safe.

5. If you need to put the magnet inside the whole magnet, please slowly put back, close from the edge began to move into. The hand must grasp the magnet until the magnet has moved in.

6. In the magnetic strong NdFeB product packaging, we will place the product in the middle of the gasket, making the user easy to use.

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