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Understanding of rare earth permanent magnet materials and their practical use
Nov 05, 2018

The rare earth permanent magnet material refers to a permanent magnet material prepared by a certain process of an alloy formed of a rare earth metal and a transition metal. It has been widely used in the fields of machinery, electronics, instrumentation and medical treatment. As a kind of permanent magnet material with the highest comprehensive performance, the rare earth permanent magnet material is more than 100 times higher than the magnetic properties of magnetic steel. It is much superior to ferrite and alumino-cobalt, and has higher magnetic properties than expensive platinum-cobalt alloy. Doubled.


Due to the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials, it not only promotes the development of miniaturized devices, improves the performance of products, but also promotes the production of certain special devices. Therefore, once rare earth permanent magnet materials appear, they immediately attract great attention from the whole country. The development is extremely rapid. The performance of various rare earth permanent magnet materials developed and produced in China has reached or reached the international advanced level.


Rare earth permanent magnet materials have become an important material in electronic technology communication. They are used in traveling wave tubes and circulators for artificial satellites and radars, as well as micro motors, micro-recorders, aviation instruments, electronic watches, seismographs and other electronic instruments. on. The application of rare earth permanent magnet materials has penetrated into automobiles, household appliances, electronic instruments, magnetic resonance imagers, audio equipment, micro-motors, mobile phones and so on.


In the medical field, the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials for "magnetic acupoint therapy" has greatly improved the efficacy, thus promoting the rapid promotion of "magnetic acupoint therapy". Studies have shown that the strong magnetic field of rare earth permanent magnet materials can stimulate the acupoints to clear the meridians, regulate the nerves and promote the operation of blood and blood. It is especially effective for the treatment of acute and chronic contusion of soft tissues. Strong magnetic field can promote the body's blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, and play a good role in anti-inflammatory and analgesic.



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