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Types and applications of the rare earth permanent magnet material
Oct 18, 2017

The rare earth permanent magnetic material is a permanent magnet material which is made of rare earth metal and transition metal. Among them, there are many choices in the material, and in the process method, the main is the molding and sintering of powder metallurgy.


The types of rare earth permanent magnetic materials in raw materials can be divided into Sm-comagnets and NdFeB magnet. And in magnetic, the latter is higher than the former.


Applications of rare earth permanent magnetic materials: in electronic communication, it is available in some parts of artificial satellites and radar, as well as some electronic instruments. In addition, it can be used in the car, home appliances, audio equipment and motor. In the medical industry, rare earth permanent magnet materials can be used for "magneto-therapy" to improve the curative effect.


So far, the rare earth permanent magnet materials have developed three generations, and continue to develop new materials, in order to improve their use performance and effect. The performance of this kind of material, mainly includes density, thermal-conductivity coefficient, Curie temperature, Vickers hardness, compression and bending strength, resistivity, recoil permeability and thermal expansivity, which are all very important and can't be omitted.



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