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Tile type ferrite characteristics
Jan 22, 2018

Typically, the tile-type ferrite is made by sintering process, the selection of raw materials is mainly oxides, so in the process of processing and use will not be high temperature, high humidity or chemicals (except for strong acid and alkali Outside) the impact of corrosion. Sintered tile ferrite is divided into isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets.


In comparison, this sintered tile ferrite has excellent demagnetization impedances and no flux loss before and after assembly and magnetization. Under normal circumstances, its operating temperature range of -40 to 2500 degrees, and its own strong corrosion resistance. Currently in the production and processing time, the process used mainly include the wet pressure heterosexual, dry-pressure same sex, dry-pressure sex. The difference between the opposite sex and the same sex lies in whether the molding machine orientation magnetic field.


In comparison, the tile type ferrite has a slightly weaker magnetic force, but this does not affect its popularity, which is why? At present, many users often give priority to the product when they purchase it, which shows that it is very popular.


So what is the nature of tile-type ferrite has been widely used? First, the price of the product is relatively low. Under normal circumstances, the price is higher than the price of neodymium iron boron too. In other words, the use of the product can effectively reduce motor costs. The second is that it has a higher permeability, that is to say in the use of the product, its magnetic properties at high frequencies with high permeability.


Moreover, tile-type ferrites exhibit good performance under high temperature conditions, and have strong temperature resistance and stability. Tile-type ferrite, even at 180 degrees under high temperature conditions will not demagnetization, and NdFeB resistance to such a high temperature case, its price will obviously be much higher.


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