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Three Major Classification Of Magnetic Tile And Its Technological Process
May 16, 2017

Three major classification of magnetic tile and its technological process

Magnetic tiles is a kind of tile magnet in the permanent magnet, which is mainly used in the permanent magnet motor. Magnetic tiles are usually divided into three categories: ferrite magnetic tile, NdFeB magnetic tile, alnico magnetic tile. Magnetic tile is mainly used for permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnetic tile can make the motor structure is simple, maintenance is simple and convenient, light weight and small size, the use of reliable, small energy consumption and so on.

Ferrite Magnetic Tile

The magnetic performance of ferrite magnetic tile have higher permeability. Ferrite magnetic tile has become a widely used non-metallic magnetic material in the field of high frequency and weak current. As the ferrite magnetic tile magnetic properties are low, saturation magnetization is also low, usually only pure iron 1 / 3-1 / 5, thus limiting its high magnetic energy density in the field of strong power and high power applications.

Sintering technological process of ferrite magnetic tile: Raw materials - Pre burning - Primary ball milling - Batching - Two ball milling - Magnetic field forming - Sintering - Grinding - Cleaning - Magnetizing.

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NdFeB Magnetic Tile

NdFeB is a tetragonal crystal formed from Ru,iron and Nd2Fe14B. NdFeB contains large amounts of rare earth elements Ru, as well as iron and boron,  which are characterized by hard and brittle. NdFeB has high magnetic energy product and coercive force, and also has good mechanical properties. NdFeB magnetic materials due to its excellent magnetic properties has been called magneto, widely used in the fields of electronics, toys, aerospace, packaging, electric power machinery, medical equipment, hardware machinery and so on.It is more common in computer, magnetic separator and loudspeaker,disk drives, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, permanent magnet motor instruments.

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NdFeB is divided into two kinds of bonded NdFeB and sintered NdFeB. Bonded NdFeB in each direction have magnetic, high corrosion resistance. Sintered NdFeB due to corrosion, the surface coating, Zinc, nickel, environmental protection, zinc, nickel, nickel, nickel and nickel.

The sintering technological process of NdFeB magnetic tile: batching - melting, ingot making / throwing, milling - pressing - sintering, tempering - magnetic testing - grinding - cutting - cutting - electroplating - finished products.

Ainico Magnet Magnetic Tile

Alnico permanent magnetic material was successfully developed in 1930s. It is the first permanent magnetic material developed. At that time, it had the best magnetic properties and small coefficient of temperature, so it was the most widely used in the permanent magnet motor. After the sixties, with the ferrite permanent magnet and rare earth permanent magnet come out, aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet in the motor application gradually replaced, the proportion gradually decreased.

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