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Three Kinds of Magnetizing Methods for Car Electric Motor Magnetic Tile
Mar 16, 2018

The first method of magnetizing a magneto-electric tile in an automotive motor is to magnetize the magnet itself and then insert it into the casing. Then install the whole: The magnetization method of the motor magnet is attributed to open-circuit magnetization because of magnetization. When there is no external magnetic field magnetic circuit, it will not constitute a closed loop. The magnetic tile magnetization is not easy to be full and full, and it has an influence on the magnetic flux density of the magnetic core of the automotive motor. Generally, it will be lower than the closed circuit magnetization.


The second method of magnetization of an car electric motor magnetic tile refers to the installation of a magnetic shoe into the housing (sticking) and then magnetization, after which the entire assembly is installed: this is a more common method, after closed-circuit magnetization, after magnetization The magnetic flux density is also the highest, and after that, it will go through the shape of the charge head to adjust the air gap magnetic density waveform to meet the request of different motor functions.


The third method of magnetizing a magnetic shoe for an automotive motor is to mount the magnet into a housing (adhesion is good), then install the product, and finally perform magnetization in the whole. This actually means that it will be attributed to closed-circuit magnetization (because the rotor punching is a good magnetic material), and the magnet flux density after magnetization is usually between the first and the second, and is used in the whole When the machine is magnetized, it is better to leave the carbon brush and the rotor winding in an open circuit condition. Otherwise, a fire scene will occur when the carbon brush and the commutator touch the exterior.


Comparing the magnetizing method of the car electric motor magnetic tile, it should be noted that the first magnetization method must be lower than the residual magnetization of the second and third magnetization methods by about 10%. In general, the second method is used. This kind of magnetization method is more reasonable.


In actual production and life, on the method of magnetizing magnets for automotive motors, the first method is more convenient for magnetization. Some plants use solenoids for tunnel magnetization and produce high power; the second method is magnetizing, and some plants choose Outer punch, some use internal punching, magnetic tile or magnetic ring need to be glued well before drying, production is also very convenient; the third method has many small motors (mostly three slots) using this method Because there is no magnetic force to install the rotor when installing the rotor.



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