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The Use of Permanent Magnetic Tiles And Its Impact On The Motor
Jul 29, 2017

Permanent magnetic tile is generally used in permanent magnet DC motor, which is the electromagnetic motor and the excitation coil through the magnetic potential of the phenomenon is not the same, we said the permanent magnet motor, which itself is to permanent magnet material To produce a constant magnetic potential source. Permanent magnet tiles to a certain extent, instead of the electric excitation, because it itself has more advantages.

First of all, the permanent magnetic tile applied to the motor when it will make the motor in the structure more simple, more convenient in the maintenance up, Moreover, in terms of another aspect, we actually have to pay attention to It is relatively light in weight, the volume is relatively small, when used to be more reliable, there is less with its copper, copper consumption is low, the consumption of energy consumption is very small and so on.

Permanent magnetic tile performance for the motor also has a great impact, first of all refers to the high residual magnetic induction Br. Due to the same magnetic field surface area and its air gap, Br high can produce large output torque, there is a relatively large power. In this case, that is, to ensure that the motor has a relatively high efficiency. Next, in fact, it means relatively high Hcb. Because Hcb is relatively high, in order to a certain extent to ensure that the motor output required electromotive force, so that the motor operating point to a large extent close to the maximum energy product, the full use of the magnet itself.

Permanent magnetic tile also brought a relatively high Hcj. Hcj high to ensure that the motor has a strong anti-overload demagnetization, there is a very good anti-aging and its anti-low temperature and other aspects of the ability.

Finally, we actually have to pay attention to, for the permanent magnet magnetic tile Φ this factor, in fact, that is, the bigger the better, which in fact will greatly improve the efficiency of the motor itself. When the magnetic field is applied, when the demagnetization curve is found, the better the rectangle is, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor is.

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