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The use of car electric motor magnetic tile in the circuit
May 11, 2018

When the motor-motor tile is used in the circuit, it should be noted that this electromagnetic compatibility is worth referring to that the automobile magnet oxygen body product will also work normally in the electromagnetic environment, and does not produce excessive amounts of other products in the environment. Electromagnetic interference. This includes two requirements. One is to require the product to have a certain ability to withstand electromagnetic interference from the outside; the second is to require that the product of the motor-motor tile is in the normal operation process. The electromagnetic interference cannot exceed a certain limit.


The electro-magnetic compatibility of car electric motor magnetic tile refers to the fact that within the operating time of the car and its surrounding space, under the conditions of the available spectrum resources, the car itself and its surrounding electrical equipment can coexist without degrading.


When the car electric motor magnetic tile is used, it is necessary to pay attention to this ABS anti-lock braking system, engine fuel ignition electronic control system, GPS global positioning system and other manufacturers of electronic equipment, the normal and reliable work must pay attention to Emphasis on the design and research of electromagnetic compatibility technology can be explored from the traditional automotive electronics (such as starter, wiper motor, flasher, air conditioner starter, fuel pump, etc.).


The use of automotive motor tiles, it should be noted that the source of electromagnetic interference received by automotive electrical equipment is often divided into three types: around the high-voltage substation power transmission lines, high-power radio transmission base stations, cars moving closer, lightning, the sun Sunspot radiation outside the car electromagnetic interference; because the car when the body and the air friction at high speed, the vehicle body static electricity generated by the uneven distribution of static interference; ignition system generated by the electromagnetic interference and other high-frequency radiation interference .


When the automobile motor tile is used, it should be noted that if the electromagnetic interference (EMI) is in accordance with the frequency band, it can be roughly divided into 0.02 to 2 kHz, harmonic interference; 2 to 300 kHz, conducted interference or carrier frequency interference; 0.3 ~300MHz, RF interference; 0.3 to 300GHz, microwave interference. When car motor magnets are used in automobiles, it is necessary to pay attention to bypassing these frequency bands before they can be used more normally.



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