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The Use and Installation of Motor Magnetic Tile
Sep 01, 2017

The so-called motor magnetic tile, in fact, refers to a permanent magnet of a type, which belongs to the tile-like magnet products, the product is currently mainly used in permanent magnet motor. In fact, at the time of the Curie temperature, ferromagnetic or sub-ferromagnetic material will appear inside a lot of different spontaneous magnetic moment, and the magnetic moment of the small area. But the arrangement of these magnetic moments is very confusing.

Therefore, only the magnetic field after the magnetization, then the overall magnetic moment will be highlighted, otherwise the overall magnetic moment is zero. And usually we will refer to these small areas as magnetic tiles, if it is applied to the motor, then these can be called motor magnetic tile. In general, there is a strong exchange coupling effect between adjacent electrons in the ferromagnetic material.

motor magnetic tile

In other words, if there is no magnetization, then there will be such a phenomenon: In fact, each magnetic tile in each magnetic tile has a certain internal spontaneous direction of magnetization, and has a larger magnetic, but because of these magnetic tile The direction of magnetization is more chaotic, so it can be considered as a whole is not magnetic. At present the motor magnetic tile is generally used in permanent magnet DC motor.

In contrast, the motor magnetic tile in the application has a more obvious advantage. In general, it can not only make it.

The structural design of the motor is simpler, which facilitates maintenance and repair, while also reducing the overall quality of the motor, making it more stable and reliable, and reducing energy consumption.

So, do you know how to install motor magnetic tile? From the current point of view, its installation mainly includes two ways, namely: 1, low speed, the use of AB adhesive; 2, high speed, after bonding also need to use stainless steel sleeve for fixed. In this way, in the use of time can achieve a good fixed effect.

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