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The Tile Permanent Magnet Main Material
Aug 28, 2017

Speaking of magnets, I believe we will not feel strange, because we usually used in many times or to see this product. In our lives, magnets are usually referred to as magnets, because they can be attracted to ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metals. So what is the tile permanent magnet? Is there anything special about this magnet?

In fact, we all know that, in general, we can be divided into two categories of magnets, one of which is non-permanent magnet, that is to say its magnetic will gradually disappear with time; there is a permanent magnet, to maintain Magnetic, this is generally a natural product, also known as natural magnet, of course, can also be made by hand. Tile permanent magnet belong to permanent magnets.

tile permanent magnet

In fact, we often apply tile permanent magnet to motors and engines, since these components require a higher magnetic requirement. In order to ensure good magnetic, we in the production of this magnet, usually choose NdFeB magnets as raw materials. So far, in fact, NdFeB is found in the commercialization of the best performance of the powerful magnets, known as the "magnetic king."

In other words, this material made of magnets can ensure high magnetic properties. Compared with ferrite, the maximum magnetic energy of this material is very high. In addition, the material itself has a good machinability, it can be used to make tile permanent magnet to meet the needs of different occasions.

In general, in the production of tile permanent magnet, we usually choose NdFeB magnet as the main material, so that not only can guarantee its magnetic properties, but also has a high cost. Because of this, this material of the tile permanent magnet in the application is also very wide.

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