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The storage requirement and function of the strong magnet
Nov 17, 2017

The performance of the strong magnet goes far beyond ferrite magnets, samarium-cobalt magnet, and Al-Ni-Co. A strong magnet can absorb weight 640 times greater than its own weight, so it is called a strong magnet.

The storage requirement of the strong magnet

1. Strong magnet can not close to electronic equipment during storage, otherwise it will affect the electronic equipment and control circuit, and affect the use.

2. Strong magnets can not be stored in the wet environment in the ordinary storage process, so as to avoid oxidation, or it will lead to changes in appearance and physical properties.

3. Do not put a strong magnet and floppy disk, hard disk drive, TV picture tube, credit card, tape and other products together, or it will directly affect or even destroy the record data.

4. In general, a person with a sensitive reaction to a metal object may result in rough skin and redness if be close to the magnet. If the above reaction occurs, do not contact the strong magnet.

The function of the strong magnet

The strong magnets can be used as a compass, motor, generator, attracting magnetic small objects, electromagnet, electromagnetic relay and so on.

The eliminating magnetism method of the strong magnet

The resistance temperature generally is under 80 degree. Just put the strong magnet on the fire for a few minutes, cool it down and put it close to the iron block, and find that it has lost its magnetism.

The main reason is that strong magnets are magnetic because of the regular arrangement of iron atoms in the strong magnet. After it is heated, original permutation of the iron atoms is in chaos, and thus lost the original magnetic.

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