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The role and density requirements of industrial ferrite magnets
Aug 15, 2018

Industrial ferrite magnets are called magnetization vectors to a certain extent. They are a physical quantity that measures the magnetic properties of an object when it is operated. It is defined to some extent as the magnetic dipole moment per unit volume, and its magnetization during operation. It is the magnetic dipole density, which is the magnetic dipole moment of each magnetic dipole.

Industrial Ferrite Magnets When the external magnetic field is applied to a substance, the inside of the material is magnetized, and many tiny magnetic dipoles appear. Magnetization describes the extent to which a substance is magnetized. In the International System of Units, the unit of magnetization is ampere/meter. The magnetic dipole moment produced by the magnetization of a substance has two origins.

To a certain extent, the industrial ferrite magnetic tile will be subjected to the Larmor precession due to the action of the external magnetic field, and the magnetic moment generated by the magnetic motor of the electric motor of the electric field will be accumulated. The other is that after the application of the static magnetic field, the spins of the particles in the material "magnetize" and tend to be aligned according to the direction of the magnetic field. The magnetic dipoles formed by these spins can be regarded as small magnets, which can be represented by vectors as a classic description of spin-dependent magnetic analysis.


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