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The right way to install and store high performance magnets
Apr 13, 2018

In the process of packaging high-performance magnets, must be packed clean enough, otherwise it is easy to absorb iron and other magnetic particles and then affect the use, in serious cases, these iron particles will scratch the magnet surface coating, will be neodymium iron boron The anti-corrosion effect causes damage.


If the high performance magnet is neodymium iron boron material, then its characteristics are hard and brittle, and suction can also reach 600 times its own weight, very easy to suction and collision. When using such high-performance magnets, be sure to maintain a certain distance from other ferrous metals to avoid collision damage. If it is a large size, then it should pay more attention to protection and personal safety.


When high-performance magnets are stored, the interior is kept as ventilated and dry as possible. Therefore, it is very easy for the humid environment to cause corrosion of the magnets; and the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the magnets, otherwise it will demagnetize, which will affect the normal use of high-performance magnets.


If high-performance magnets without electroplating are stored, it is recommended that they be properly oiled and rust proofed; in addition, it should be emphasized that high-performance magnets must be kept away from magnetic disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors, watches, etc. object.


In the process of transporting, electroplating, and mounting high-performance magnets, it is necessary to ensure that the magnets are not subjected to severe impact. Once the method is improper, it may cause magnetic damage and cracking. When magnets are magnetized, they must be shielded during transportation. Especially when it comes to air transport, be sure to remember magnetic shielding thoroughly.



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