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The purpose of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile duration of magnetic properties
Mar 07, 2018

Speaking of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile, refers to the melting of the alloy, according to the requirements of the praseodymium neodymium alloy, iron, iron and other materials made of iron powder, under certain pressure and its specific magnetic field pressed compact Into the vacuum sintering furnace for high temperature sintering. The purpose of sintering NdFeB magnetic tile is to achieve the NdFeB atom migration under high temperature, this time can make the bonding between the powder particles, and its alloy performance occurs amount and quality changes, bonding between the powder Strength increases to the required alloy properties.


Sintered NdFeB magnetic tile for the human body some uses. First, because it produces a biological magnetic field that simulates the characteristics of the human magnetic field, it is relatively stable in performance. This time will also be on the human body's own magnetic field correction, after it will enhance the human body's meridian bio-electromagnetic energy and promote qi operation.


In detail, the application of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile can actually reach the meridians, increase blood supply to the brain, reduce the excitement of the cerebral cortex, and can produce the promotion of joint metabolism and eliminate anxiety effect. Speaking of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile applications, is often used to treat insomnia, neurasthenia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and a series of chronic diseases of bone and joint.


Then, the duration of the ferromagnetic properties of the sintered NdFeB magnetic tile, because many people know the magnet, but do not know much about the NdFeB magnet, this time, we actually have to pay attention to the magnetic properties of what can last How long we talk about it.


Sintered NdFeB magnetic tile known as a permanent magnet, has a very high coercivity, on its magnetic relatively stable. In the natural environment and the general magnetic field conditions will not appear demagnetization and magnetic changes. If the environment is appropriate, even after a long period of use, the magnetic loss of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile magnet will not be great. So in the actual application, it is necessary to pay attention to ignore the time factor for the magnetic properties.



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