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The purchase of motor magnets and their relationship with the number of motor magnets
Jun 01, 2018

The product selection of motor magnets requires knowledge of specific information. It is the detailed parameters, unit price, and wholesale price of motor magnets, as well as prices and market conditions. In addition, the quality of the products, the place of manufacture, and the manufacturer are all important. And must take into account the factors, therefore, are indispensable, otherwise it will affect the correct purchase of the motor magnet.


Motor magnets are not part of all motors. In some motors, there are no magnets. For example, in an AC asynchronous motor, there is no magnet as a component because it has a rotor, and the rotor is composed of closed conductors of a squirrel cage structure to form a rotor coil. In addition, the rotor of the wound motor is a copper core wire winding. In micro DC motors, there is a magnet.


The standard of good motor magnets is that they have good product consistency, but also good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, it must have good surface properties, which can be customized according to different user requirements or some special requirements.


The magnet on the servo motor, which is generally a rare earth magnet, is a rare material. The magnet on the horn is an ordinary magnet that is sintered from iron oxide. Therefore, this is a magnet of two different materials and cannot be equated.


There is a big relationship between the motor magnet and the number of revolutions of the motor, and the motor magnet has a great influence on the number of revolutions of the motor. Because when the motor is energized, an alternating magnetic field is generated by the magnet, thereby generating induced current and magnetic lines of force. Moreover, the magnet can change the alternating magnetic field of the stator coil and thus change the number of revolutions of the motor.



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