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The precise location and essence of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile
Oct 16, 2017

The permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is a kind of magnetic shoe used in the permanent magnet motor. In the permanent magnet motor, there is permanent magnet rotor, which is usually attached to the permanent magnet around the rotor core, such as magnetic shoe. It can form a outline with eccentric arc around the outer circle of the rotor, so that its interior forms the sine wave at runtime to help it run smoothly. So the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is on the permanent magnet rotor.

The essence of permanent magnet motor is a kind of tile magnet, which is also one of the permanent magnet materials. However, if the magnetic field is not added, the magnetic moment is zero. In the operation of the permanent magnet motor, noise can be effectively reduced, and the smooth performance of the motor can be improved.

Replacing the electric excitation with the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile can make the structure of the motor simple, convenient maintenance and improve the performance. In addition, it can also effectively reduce the energy and material consumption.


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