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The mould design and application field of the strong motor magnetic tile
Nov 24, 2017

The strong motor magnetic tile are mainly 2 to 4 poles. In the use, the magnetic tile is basically used as the motor stator. Such products are widely used in the field of automotive, toys and home appliances.

At run time general brushless motor uses magnetic tile as the stator, generally more than 6 pole, so the central angle is far less than the magnetic tile of the ordinary DC motor. But when the magnetic tile is used as a brushless motor rotor, it can have more than 4,6 poles. For 4-pole, the rotor is external surface magnetizing, and because of the need to form a circle, the central angle is close to 90, this can be distinguished from the ordinary DC motor.

The magnetic tile in the strong motor magnetic tile is different according to the application field, and the requirements for the performance and the magnetic field waveform are also different. At run time as the rotor field, the requirements of the outer arc surface field is high, and the basic waveform is sine wave. As the stator, it should be selected according to the different requirements of the output requirements, sparks and noise.

The strong motor magnetic tile should be carefully designed in the process of mould design. The unequal thickness of the magnetic tile has been widely used. The main principle is to make the magnetic field waveform of the arc inclined to the flat wave.

In the production process of the strong motor magnetic tile, according to the different materials and categories, the process is also very different. The production technology of cemented iron ferrite magnet is mainly divided into wet-pressure opposite sex, dry-pressure same sex and dry-pressure opposite sex. The difference between the opposite sex and same sex is whether there is orientation magnetic field when press molding.


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