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The manufacturing method and characteristics of ferrite magnets for motors
Oct 29, 2018

The ferrite magnets for motors is divided into two materials: an isotropic and an anisotropic material. The manufacturing method includes dry pressing and wet pressing. The so-called isotropic magnet is made of fine particles in the form of magnetic tile powder metallurgy, but without any magnetic field arrangement, it is directly formed by pressure molding. It can be diversified by the customer's requirements, and it is less ferrite. Body magnets are limited.


The so-called anisotropic magnets use a fine powder to form a magnetic field into a fixed axial or radial direction when the fine powder is used for molding. After the magnet is completed, it can only be magnetized according to the arrangement of the magnetic field during molding, and the magnetization direction of the stereotype cannot be changed. The advantage is that the magnetic force is strong and the coercive force is also high, which is the mainstream of the ferrite magnet market for the motor.


Compared with NdFeB magnets, the magnetic properties of ferrite magnets for motors show high magnetic permeability at high frequencies; and their temperature and stability are very good, and they do not demagnetize even at 180°. The price of NdFeB is already high when it is used to withstand such high temperatures.



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