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The magnetic energy and temperature coefficient of the strong motor magnetic tile
Oct 13, 2017

There are two kinds of strong motor magnetic tiles in the process of installation. One is low speed, ,which mainly uses AB glue to splice in the process of installation. And the other high speed one, is mainly fixed with stainless steel sleeve after splicing with the AB glue. The one only splices with AB glue, it can also add a layer of plastic glue outside, so it can be fixed.

The strong motor magnetic tile can effectively prevent the iron from absorbing to the surface of the magnetic steel to a certain extent. The e-coat of the magnetic steel surface is destroyed during the use or removal process. The general one, which isunder 3000RPM, has no big problem with adhesive bonding with a diameter of less than 55 rpm.

The first magnetizing method belongs to open-circuit magnetizing. Without the external magnetic circuit, the magnetizing of the  magnetic tile is not easy to be saturated, which will affect the magnetic flux density of the magnetic tile, and generally will be slightly lower than closed magnetization. The second magnetizing method is the most commonly used, which belongs to the closed circuit magnetization. The magnetic flux density is also the highest, and the air gap magnetic density waveform can be adjusted by the magnetic head shape to meet the requirements of different motor performance.

The strong motor magnetic tile is different from the magnetic potential source through the excitation coil, and the permanent magnet produces a constant magnetic potential source with the permanent magnet material. The permanent magnetic tile has many advantages, such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, light weight, small size, reliable use, low copper consumption, low consumption of copper, low energy consumption and so on.

The strong motor magnetic tile has high HCB. Because HCB is high, it can ensure the electromotive force of the motor output, make the motor working point close to the maximum magnetic energy product, and make full use of the ability of the magnet. It also has high Hcj. The high Hcj can ensure that the motor has strong anti - overload demagnetization and anti - aging, and low temperature resistance.

It is better if the magnetic energy φ of the strong motor magnetic tile is greater. It will enormously improve the working efficiency of the motor. The better the rectangularity of the demagnetization curve is, and the dynamic loss is less. The higher the resistivity of the permanent ferrite is, the eddy losses is less. The temperature coefficient of the permanent ferrite is small, it will have a good temperature stability at high temperature.


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