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The installation and application requirements of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile
Nov 10, 2017

The permanent magnet motor magnetic tile consists of stator and permanent magnet rotor. The latter has a rotor core, which is usually laminated by the same punching sheet with the same shape. The punching sheet is a roughly circular sheet which is punched by the silicon steel sheet.

The installation of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile

The equipment can be divided into two kinds during the installation process. One is low speed, which mainly uses AB glue to splice. There is also a high speed, which uses AB glue to splice and then fixes with stainless steel sleeve.

When the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is installed, only AB glue is used, and a layer of plastic will be added outside to prevent the iron from being adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic steel, or E-coat of the magnetic steel surface is destroyed when the magnet is removed.

The application requirements of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile

There will be no problems if the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile in under 3000rpm, and the diameter within 55 is spliced by AB glue.In the equipment, the rotor usually has permanent magnets along the circumferential wall of the rotor core, such as magnetic tile, so that the outer circumference of the rotor core will form an eccentric arc. The waveform of the back electromotive force formed when the motor runs is sine wave, that is, the main magnetic field of the motor is sine wave in space. The motor noise is small, and the operation is more stable.

There are many bar permanent magnets with radial distribution along the core of the rotor core of the permanent magnet. In this way, the magnetic field along the outer edge of the permanent magnet will be formed during the operation of the motor, and the total length of the permanent magnet is not limited by the circumferential length of the rotor core, and the flux density of the permanent magnet rotor will be increased due to the radial distribution of the permanent magnet along the rotor core.


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