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The influence of rare earth permanent magnetic tile on human body
Apr 27, 2018

In addition to rare earth permanent magnetic tile, what we call magnetic shunts are roughly divided into two types, namely, rare earth NdFeB magnets, permanent ferrite magnets, and rare earth NdFeB magnets. Because it has a strong magnetic energy product and a strong magnetic coercive force, and other kinds of permanent magnet ferrite, the magnetic force is relatively weaker, generally we see the kind of black magnetic tile on the big horn, is Permanent magnet ferrite magnet.


Rare earth permanent magnetic tiles are actually ordinary magnets, and their magnetic induction is not high enough to cause any damage to humans. If the magnetic steel manufacturer works on a certain part for a long period of time, it is still being studied. It is like mystery like acupuncture. It seems to be more effective than acupuncture, just like many magnetic therapy products nowadays, it can bring very little to the human body. effect.


Of course, in addition to the rare earth permanent magnets, when people are in a high-intensity electromagnetic field for a long time (note that it is a changing electromagnetic field, not a stable magnetic field), it is very likely to cause cancer. Now the operating frequency of the CPU and the motherboard bus will also enter the decimeter microwave band, so those game players who have long opened the lid to play should pay attention.


In summary, we also need to pay attention to the fact that magnets, including rare earth permanent magnetic tiles, are relatively safe and do not have to be afraid. As for the microwave, although we have no way to prevent it, we are still paying attention to it. Try not to open the lid. If you want to turn it away and try to stay away from it, you must also pay attention to it. You must not open your mouth to your talent.


In addition to the use of rare earth permanent magnetic tiles, magnetic fields and magnetic products are ubiquitous in our days. After all, they have a greater impact on the human body. There is no scientific and clear answer, because the Earth itself is A strong magnetic field, so nothing to do with the use of rare earth permanent magnets, we live in a kind of magnetic field environment every day, just have fun every day, have a good mood, I believe you will have a healthy body.



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