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The grinding instructions for tile permanent magnet and their role in magnetized cups
Oct 20, 2017

Tile permanent magnet, in the representation is for the outer arc radius × inner arc radius × thickness × outer or inner arc length × length. If you want to have a higher accuracy, can be specified in the size of the tolerance to achieve the purpose. Its outer surface or outside the arc, both for the S pole, but also for the N pole. If it is in the motor, the two must have, because it is matched to the magnetic.

The grinding of the tile permanent magnet is a grinding line for grinding. The production line is composed mainly of coarse grinding and fine grinding. For the former, there are two sets of equipment, such as a coarse grinding machine and an end face grinding machine, while the latter is a grinding device for internal and external circular surface grinding, and a chamfer grinding machine.

If it is axially magnetized, it is for the plane pole, which is for the fan-shaped magnet; if it is radial magnetization, it is for the arc pole, which is for the tile type magnet.
In the magnetized cup, the use of tile permanent magnet can play a very good insulation effect. But also magnetized water, play a disease prevention and treatment of health care function.

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