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The flux-insulation and safety treatment of the tile magnet
Nov 27, 2017

In the making process of the tile magnets, some substances can be rubbed into magnets. Material is iron or steel, but not all steel can be made into a magnet. Stainless steel can not act as a magnet.

When the tile magnets are processed, the magnets and a screwdriver are the materials you need. Use the magnet to rub the metal part of the screwdriver from one end to the other, and a magnetic screwdriver can be made.

The safety treatment of the tile magnet

1. It is necessary to be very careful in the treatment of the tile magnet, mainly because the magnets will absorb themselves together. Fingers may be pinched when used. When the magnet is adsorbed to each other, it is possible to damage the magnet itself due to the collision.

2. The tile magnets needs to keep away from easily magnetized objects, such as watches, mobile phones, floppy disks, credit cards, and so on.

3. The tile magnets should be kept away from the heart pacemaker during storage. Large-sized magnets should be filled with plastic or chipboard pads to ensure that the magnets can be easily separated. Magnets should be kept in a dry and constant temperature environment.

The flux-insulation of the tile magnet

Only the material that can be adsorbed on the magnet can play the role of separating the magnetic field. And the thicker the material is, the better the effect of flux-insulation will be.

The introduction of the tile magnet

Why does a magnet have a magnetic force, that is, the earth rotates because of its rotation, and the magnetic field and current will continue to be strongly combined, and the whole earth becomes a very large magnetic field. Minerals such as nickel, cobalt, iron, and so on on the earth, are turned into natural magnets because of the rotation of the earth's rotation.



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