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The Effect of no core motor magnetic tile on the Motor and Its Magnetizing Mode
May 25, 2018

The no core motor magnetic tile, which is a necessary part of the motor, is an important part, because if there is no magnetic shoe component, the coreless motor cannot work and use normally. Therefore, this conclusion will be reached. The coreless motor, which is a kind of motor, can be considered as a coreless motor, and it is one of the development directions of the motor industry. It is a new type of special motor that can increase the motor system efficiency to more than 95%.


The performance of the coreless motor magnetic tile has some influence on the motor itself, and these effects can not be ignored so as not to affect the normal operation and use of the motor. Its specific impact is:


If the magnetic tile residual magnetic induction is not suitable, it will affect the efficiency of the motor. In addition, the magnetic tile should have good performance, so as to ensure that the motor has good anti-overload demagnetization performance, as well as good anti-aging and anti-low temperature performance.

The greater the magnetic energy of the magnetic tile, the better, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of the motor, but it can not be too much. The demagnetization curve is also rectangular, which can make the dynamic loss of the motor small.

In ferrite materials, the higher the resistance, the better the aluminum, and the smaller the temperature coefficient, so that the material has good stability at high temperatures.


No core motor magnetic tile generally have three magnetization methods, which are specifically:

Magnetizing method 1: The magnetic tile is separately magnetized, and then it is loaded into the casing and assembled as a whole;

Magnetization method 2: After the magnetic tile is loaded into the shell, it is magnetized and then assembled.

Magnetization method 3: Magnetic tiles are loaded into the casing, and the final assembly is performed, followed by magnetization of the entire body.


The magnetization methods of these three kinds of no core motor magnetic tiles have their own characteristics and advantages, as well as their corresponding use conditions and requirements. Therefore, the appropriate method should be selected according to the actual situation or working conditions, so as to get a good charge. The magnetic effect, in turn, allows the magnetic tile to be used normally.



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