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The effect of fan motor ferrite magnetic tile on motor
Mar 23, 2018

Because of the permanent magnet DC motor of the fan configuration, it is also used in the fan motor ferrite magnet, and the electromagnetic motor generates different magnetic potential source through the excitation coil. This kind of motor is a permanent ferrite material to generate permanent ferrite magnetism. Wading magnetic potential sources, so there will be many benefits.


The fan motor ferrite magnetic tile also has obvious influence on the motor itself. Because the residual magnetic induction intensity of this type of magnetic tile is high, it can ensure that the motor has a high rotation speed, a large magnetic tile output torque and a large power, the motor There will be higher efficiency.


And the fan motor ferrite magnetic tile Hcb and Hcj are relatively high, so not only can ensure that the motor output required for the electromotive force, the motor working point close to the maximum magnetic energy product, make full use of the magnet's ability, but also can ensure that the motor has a stronger fitness The magnetic resistance of the equipment magnetic tile is demagnetization and anti-aging, and the ability to resist low temperature.


Secondly, the (BH)max of the fan motor ferrite magnetic tile is high. The higher this parameter is, the better the working coefficient of the ferrite is actually in the motor. The greater the magnetic energy, the better, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of the fan motor.


In addition, the better the squareness of the demagnetization curve of the fan motor ferrite tile, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor; the higher the resistance rate, the smaller the eddy current loss; the temperature coefficient is small, and it has a good temperature stability at high temperatures; The remanence of the fan motor ferrite magnetic tile will also affect the motor speed, power, torque and so on.



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