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The effect, influence and production mode of motor magnetic tile on motor
Nov 01, 2017

The application of magnetic shoe is very extensive. The motor magnetic tile as one of the magnetic shoe is designed for the motor. It is usually used in the permanent magnet motor as the stator DC motor magnetic tile or rotor, and is responsible for the permanent magnet motor supply stable magnetic potential source.


The motor magnetic tile has simpler structure, and also has advantages of convenient maintenance, small energy consumption, safe and reliable. Because the magnetic induction intensity of the motor magnetic tile is very high, we can improve the speed of the permanent magnet motor, ensure the output torque and power, so as to ensure the efficiency of the motor.


In the actual application, it will also involve the magnetizing way of the motor magnetic tile. There are three common ways. One is to magnetize the motor magnetic tile, put it into the shell, and then assemble the whole. Or to put the motor magnetic tile into the shell, magnetize and assemble the whole. Another is to put the motor magnetic tile into the shell, assemble the finished product, and finally whole magnetize.


But in any case, the performance of the motor magnetic tile will determine its influence on the motor. In general, the greater the magnetic energy of the motor magnetic tile is, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the motor. The better the rectangularity of the demagnetization curve is, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor is.



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