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The design requirements and working advantages of the motor magnetic tile for car industry
Nov 22, 2017

The application field of the motor magnetic tile for car industry is very extensive, so the application of such products in the permanent magnet motor occupies a large proportion in the total output, which is mainly because of the compact structure of the motor used in the automobile industry, and the high efficiency and reliable work in the working process.

The magnet of the motor magnetic tile for car industry generally requires high magnetic performance, which will generate a large air-gap field. The magnetic has good stability, the temperature coefficient is small and the working temperature is relatively high, so it can prevent demagnetization at high temperature, with better mechanical properties and lower price.

Now with the development of automobile motor to light weight, small and high efficiency, the thickness of the motor magnetic tile for car industry is becoming thinner and thinner. In the production, in order to ensure the stability of the magnetic performance and the output power of the motor, the requirements of the voltage stability will be higher.

The design of the motor of the motor magnetic tile for car industry is a complex dynamic design process. There are many factors need to be considered. But for the permanent magnet, it needs to be in the dynamic state, and the current to participate in the work, there is a required air gap flux density value. Its value is moderate and can withstand the test.

In the making process, the permanent magnet motor with permanent magnet material can make the automobile realize the function of electronic power control, brake control and driving operation to a certain extent. Future control functions generally need to use the permanent magnet materials and permanent magnet electronics.


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