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The characteristics and functions of powerful magnets
Mar 19, 2018

Strong magnets are neodymium iron boron magnets. Compared with ferrite magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt magnetic properties greatly exceeds other kinds of magnets, neodymium iron boron magnets represent the strong magnet, the actual use, can absorb its own weight of 640 Times of weight, but also for this reason, NdFeB is often referred to as a powerful magnets by outsiders.


The role of powerful magnets, first of all, is our more common role is to guide the North, but also to attract magnetic objects; electromagnetic powerful magnets can do electromagnetic relay; then it can be applied to the motor or acting on the generator.


Strong magnet storage precautions, the first point is that strong magnets can not be close to electronic devices, close to the inevitable impact on electronic equipment and its control loop affect the use of; strong magnets can not be stored in a humid environment At this time, in fact, it is to avoid oxidation of the magnet, but it can also avoid the appearance or physical and magnetic properties change.


People who have a sensitive reaction to a metal object, if approaching a powerful magnets, will have rough, reddened skin. If this happens, do not touch the power magnet; do not move the magnet close to a floppy disk, hard drive, credit card, tape, debit card, TV picture tube, etc. In actual use, if the magnet is placed close to a magnetic writer or other related device, it will inevitably affect or even destroy the recording data of the device.


When it comes to the performance curve of a powerful magnets, the magnet after the saturation magnetization of the powerful magnet technology will inevitably make the magnetic induction intensity decrease to zero when it is reversely magnetized. The value of the required reverse magnetic field strength is called magnetic induction. Coercion (Hcb). But at this time, the magnetization of the magnet is not zero, but the applied reverse magnetic field and the magnetization of the magnet cancel each other out. The coercive force of neodymium iron boron on a strong magnet is generally above 110000e.



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