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The application and development of the motor magnetic tile components
Dec 06, 2017

In general, analyzing from the actual application, the application and development of the motor magnetic tile components are constantly evolving with the demand of the permanent magnet motor. At present, the permanent magnet motor used in the market mainly includes permanent magnet DC motor and permanent magnet AC motor. In different types of motors, the motor magnetic tile components used are also different.


Permanent magnet AC motor is a kind of multi-phase synchronous motor with permanent magnet rotor. In the past production process, mainly ferrite and al-ni-co magnet components are used. However, due to the higher power requirements, ferrite and al-ni-co can not meet the requirements because of low magnetic energy.


So at present, for some high-power motors, the NdFeB magnet components are mostly used. Of course, this material is more precious, so the price of raw materials has increasingly doubled. At the same time, the manufacturing cost and production price of the motor also increased.


There is also a common motor called permanent magnet DC motor. The motor can also be subdivided into brushless motor and common DC motor with commutator. In practical application, the application is judged mainly according to the shape and pole number of the magnetic tile components.


In addition, because the actual application field and use requirements are different, the use performance and magnetic field waveform requirements of the motor magnetic tile components are also different. For example, in the rotor field, requirements for the outer arc surface of the table field are high, and the waveform basically is required to be sine wave. As the stator,  it should be chosen according to the output requirements of the motor, and different requirements of spark and noise. When used as a stator, because of the high field of inner arc table, its shape and production characteristics will affect the use effect.


In order to achieve this goal, reduce the no-load current as much as possible, so the shape and size of the magnetic tile components and mould design should be carefully designed.



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