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Technical Requirements and Application Prospects of Wet Pressure Magnetic Tile
Jan 12, 2018

As we all know, in recent years, the development of domestic permanent magnet industry faster and faster. The wet-magnetic tile as one of the most important products not only played a huge role in the industry at the same time being seen as the best in the market ferrite industry prospects, the largest space for development, expanding the scope of the market Functional materials. Wet-pressure magnetic tile is also the core of permanent magnet DC motor components.


So far, wet pressure magnetic tile have been widely used in many different industries. Compared with other similar materials, the highest magnetic performance of the product requirements of the most accurate dimensions, the most stringent product consistency requirements. In other words, in practical application, not only has strict requirements on its performance, but also has higher requirements for its appearance size.


It can be seen that, as an important functional device of automobile motor and DC inverter household electric motor, wet-pressure magnetic tile is required to have very strict product consistency in performance and dimensional tolerance. Under normal circumstances, we must ensure that the performance and size differences between batches are within a very small range. This means that the material for the production process and finishing are put forward a very high standard.


As far as the current development in China is concerned, no matter the equipment of the wet-pressure magnetic tile or the process technology has been obviously improved with the scale of production capacity. For example, in terms of equipment and technology, in recent years, the industry has continuously promoted automation and upgrading, not only gradually raising the level of automation, but also greatly reducing the number of operators and increasing labor productivity.


At the same time in process technology has also been significantly improved and progress. At the same time, the huge market potential of permanent magnet ferrite wet-pressure magnetic tile has long-term prospects for the industry. Combined with the market prospects in the application field in the coming years, the permanent magnet ferrite wet-magnetic tile will maintain its annual growth rate of 10% and develop rapidly with good prospects for development.


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