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Structural improvement of no rinse motor magnetic tile
Dec 21, 2018

The no rinse motor magnetic tile is also a permanent magnet, and its operation principle is different from that of the electromagnetic motor, mainly generating a constant magnetic potential source by using a permanent magnet material. The no rinse motor magnetic tile has many advantages instead of electric excitation, which can make the motor simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, light in weight, small in size, reliable in use, low in copper consumption, low in copper consumption, and low in energy consumption.


In practical applications, the arrangement of the no rinse motor magnetic tiles can have different effects on the performance of the motor. At present, the existing magnetic tile can be improved to prolong the service life of the magnetic tile, and at the same time, facilitate the disassembly and replacement of the magnetic tile. The magnetic tile comprises six faces, namely an inner arc surface, an outer arc surface, a left side surface, a right side surface, a front end surface and a rear end surface, and the inner arc surface is coaxial with the outer arc surface.


Through structural improvement, the left and right sides of the no rinse motor magnetic tile extend to both sides, and will interact with the magnetic fields of other magnetic tiles to form a more optimized magnetic field, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the magnetic tile. Not only that, but the structural improvement design is also more conducive to the disassembly and assembly of the rotor.



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