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Special shaped spiral tiling of the motor magnet magnet
Jan 16, 2017

In our daily life, square circular cylindrical magnets, ring magnets, magnet, magnets, these members should be very familiar with, always has access to. But some of the special-shaped magnets, such as magnets, most people should be familiar, magnet manufacturers briefly below.

Spiral tile magnets, also known as the beveled edge tile magnets, this abnormal motor magnets, because of their complex processing, few domestic manufacturers. Our company has a wealth of experience with this product, has repeatedly requested by the customer, and make different sizes of spiral tile magnets.

Magnet manufacturer

Magnet manufacturer

Spiral tile and compared to ordinary tile magnet, it has a sloping angle, also more cumbersome to process.

First of all, by our technician computer CAD simulations of real, measured and related data.

Then pass multiple cut and polished.

Often process a spiral tile magnets, the raw materials we use are about 4 times or so. So labour-intensive, fees, cost is relatively high.

Spiral tile magnets made in where?

At present, the spiral tile magnets are used in some special electrical or magnetic drive.

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