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Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Tiles Installation
May 21, 2018

Sintered ferrite magnetic tiles, which are manufactured from sintered ferrite materials, contain two materials, BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19, and can be classified as isotropic And anomalous magnets. From the current point of view, this kind of magnet is widely used and has good magnetic properties. It is a very good magnetic material.


The production process of sintered ferrite magnetic tile is generally performed by a ceramic process, and the quality obtained is hard, but it is a brittle material. In addition, the material has a good temperature resistance, can be used as a permanent magnet, and its parameters in the four main operating temperature, hardness, density and performance.


The sintered ferrite magnetic tile used in the sintered ferrite tile has better temperature resistance than the injection ferrite, so the sintered ferrite has better temperature resistance, although both Belongs to ferrite. Moreover, the injection-molded ferrite is about 100 degrees at the limit of the temperature to which it can withstand, and 200 degrees when it is good, and sintered ferrite, which can reach 400 degrees. in conclusion.


Sintered ferrite magnetic tiles, such a tile, generally have two types of mounting methods. And, if it is installed in the motor, it is also related to the motor speed. If the motor is low speed, it is glued with AB glue; if the motor is high speed, it is glued with AB glue first and then fixed with stainless steel sleeve. If necessary, you can also add a layer of plastic on the outside, which can not only play a reinforcing role but also prevent iron from damaging the tiles.



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