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Sintered ferrite magnetic tile process and temperature influence of sintering process
Sep 12, 2018

In the production and processing of sintered ferrite magnetic tiles, the sintering process is one of the key processes. The current production processes are mainly divided into wet pressure anisotropy, dry pressure homogeneity, and dry pressure heterogeneity. The difference between the opposite sex and the sameness is whether there is an orientation magnetic field when the press is formed.


Under normal circumstances, in the production of sintered ferrite magnetic tile, the process of wet pressing is mainly: raw material - pre-burning - coarse crushing (one ball milling) - ingredients - secondary ball milling (wet grinding) - Magnetic field forming - sintering - grinding - cleaning - magnetization. Since the molding slurry contains moisture, the magnetic particles are easily deflected in the magnetic field, so that a higher degree of orientation is obtained than the dry pressing property, and the performance is higher.


In the sintering process, it mainly affects the strength of the sintered ferrite magnet. This is because when the ferrite magnetic green body is heated, a series of physical and chemical changes occur in the blank, and finally a ferrite magnetic tile having a certain strength, density and magnetic properties is obtained. Therefore, the sintering process plays a decisive role in the performance, strength and physical properties of the sintered ferrite magnet.




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