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Selection of DC servo motor magnetic tile
Dec 24, 2018

The DC servo motor magnetic tile needs to maintain a good bonding effect during installation and use. Adhesives are required for bonding because the outer curved surface of the magnetic tile is difficult to achieve a complete fit with the inner curved surface of the casing. If the viscosity of the adhesive used is too low, it will easily lead to "dot" contact.


It can be seen that in the process of bonding the magnetic servo of the DC servo motor, whether the strength of the adhesive itself can play a certain degree of filling effect needs to be comprehensively considered. Of course, for adhesives with small viscosity and high fluidity, some fillers may be added as appropriate, which can increase the filling effect, but care should be taken to control the amount of addition so as not to affect the bonding strength.


In addition, there will be a certain degree of temperature rise during the operation of the motor. Therefore, the adhesive used for the DC servo motor should also have certain adaptability to protect it from heat, so as to ensure the magnetic force of the DC servo motor. The bonding quality between the tile and the casing.



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