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Segment Magnet
Aug 02, 2017

To understand the knowledge of segment magnet, first of all, we also have to pay attention to the segment magnet is very important in terms of a factor, it's magnetic. In terms of popularity, the magnet material, generally also composed of molecules, molecules are actually composed of atoms, for the atomic terms, its essence is composed of nuclei and electrons.

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Inside the atom, the electrons keep spinning and rotate around the nucleus. In terms of these two movements of electrons, it actually produces magnetic properties. However, when it is in most of the material, we will find that the direction of electronic movement is not the same, disorganized, the magnetic effect will offset each other. It is precisely because of this, for most of the material in the normal circumstances, and will not show the magnetic.

Cobalt, nickel, or ferrite, including segment magnet, are not the same as most of the substances we see above. In terms of its internal electronic spin, in fact, is able to spontaneously arranged in a small range, this way, to form a spontaneous magnetization area, for this spontaneous magnetization area, we call it a magnetic Domain.

Ferromagnetic material in the magnetization, for the internal magnetic domain will be neat and its direction consistent arrangement, so that we actually have to pay attention to it will be strengthened in the magnetic, also formed our Said the magnet. For the magnet, the performance of their magnetic performance is not the same.

Segment magnet is only the shape of the performance, on its principle and the magnet is nothing different. Watt-type magnet magnetization process, in fact, is the process of magnetization of the iron block, for the magnetized iron and magnets between the different polarities will have a certain attraction, so that the iron is concerned, it is actually It will be firmly and magnet bonded together. This time, we will say that the magnet is magnetic.

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