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Ring magnet production cycles and time consuming introduction
Jan 16, 2017

Many customers in front of a single annular magnet will ask a question and that is, you the big delivery days? Following small series to introduce today's ring magnet production cycles and time consuming process.

Ring magnet how long does it take?

First is the preparation and procurement of raw materials, testing is not qualified, it takes at least 1 day.

Second was punched. Inspection of drilling machine for rough play in the hole. Metal drilling progress is slow, it takes 2 days. If much is countersunk hole also processes, is drilling holes first and then sink holes.

Third slice. Punching blanks into the slice after slice. 10000 pieces of magnets in the case not to rush to take up to 5 days.

Finally, chamfer. Cut black into chamfering machine in an opposite corner (not chamfer cannot be plated, or electroplated surface). Takes 1 day time

V is the plating. Ready to electroplate factory for plating, plating takes 2 days.

Sixth is magnetized and packaging. 1 day or so.

Is a normal circular magnet magnet takes about 10-12 days, circle punch, 12-15 days, box 3 cutting knife to molding, and 10-12 day time.

Believe that after you finish a cycle of the annular magnet has a certain understanding, if you're purchasing friends, hoping not to push too hard in delivery, nasty mess. For delivery acceptable to both sides.

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