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Reasons for users to choose arc NdFeB magnetic tile
Oct 17, 2018

The same specification of magnetic tile, ferrite material is much cheaper than NdFeB material, but why do many customers still choose to use arc NdFeB magnetic tile? With the continuous advancement and development of the market, the types of magnets are becoming more and more abundant, and the choices brought to customers are becoming wider and wider, but some users still prefer to choose the arc neodymium iron boron magnetic tile in the process of selection. Class products.


It should be known that the NdFeB in the arc NdFeB magnetic tile is actually a magnet, but its magnetism is the strongest among all the magnets compared with other ordinary magnets, so it can be used during use. Give users a more satisfactory use, so that it can be favored by users.


Compared with ferrite magnets, there are relatively more manufacturers of arc neodymium iron boron magnetic tiles, which can provide users with more choices. In addition, the magnetic density of the arc neodymium iron boron magnetic tile is larger than the ferrite magnetic tile density. If it is used to produce a motor, the magnet with low magnetic density means that the efficiency of the motor is not high or the volume of the same power motor is large.



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