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Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Main Applications
Aug 11, 2017

Speaking of rare earth permanent magnet material, we actually have to pay attention to it itself refers to the rare earth metal and transition metal formed by the alloy, after a certain process made after the permanent magnet material. In short, we actually will find that, in terms of rare earth permanent magnet material, it is actually already in the machinery and its electronics, there is in the field of instrumentation and medical care which has been more widely used.

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Rare earth permanent magnet material in a large extent, in fact, has become an important electronic technology communication material. In the artificial satellites, there is the side of the radar for the wave tube, of course, there are circulators, for its application is very important. In this small area, it is actually used in micro-motor and its micro-tape recorder, there are aviation equipment, electronic watches and their seismographs and some other electronic equipment above.

It is no exaggeration to say that, in terms of rare earth permanent magnet material, it is actually already applied to include automotive, household appliances, as well as electronic instruments and their nuclear magnetic resonance imaging instrument, audio equipment and micro motor, mobile phone and other aspects.

In medicine, we actually will use rare earth permanent magnet material to "magic hole therapy", according to clinical effects, we found that it has a relatively large improvement in efficacy, it is precisely because of this, it to a certain extent Promote the "magic hole therapy" itself a rapid promotion. For the application of rare earth in different areas, rare earth permanent magnet material is the most rapid development of a.

Summary, rare earth permanent magnet material not only to the development of rare earth industry has brought a relatively large impetus, but also more related industries have had a very far-reaching impact. With the continuous progress of science and technology, rare earth permanent magnet material is not only applied to computers, automobiles and their instruments, meters, household appliances and other needs to produce strong gap magnetic field components, it is also applied to the phenomenon of different new energy.

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