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Properties and functions of high performance ferrite magnets
Jan 31, 2018

Currently in the production of high performance ferrite magnets, the main raw materials used include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Usually produced by ceramic technology, compared to the high-performance ferrite magnets texture is relatively hard, is a brittle material.


Taking into account the high-performance ferrite magnets own characteristics, people mainly use it as a permanent magnet in different products. The product not only has good temperature resistance, but also cheap, moderate performance. It belongs to a sintered permanent magnet material composed of barium and strontium iron. In addition, it also has strong anti-demagnetization performance.


Due to the high stiffness and high brittleness of high-performance ferrite magnets, special machining processes are often required in the manufacturing process to ensure final quality. Normally, the magnet of the opposite-sex magnetism needs to be magnetized along the direction of extraction due to its orientation in the manufacturing direction. However, the same-sex magnets can not be magnetized in any direction due to their lack of orientation. However, the pressure side of the pressure is often the smallest side will find slightly stronger magnetic induction.


With the obvious advantage of price, high-performance ferrite magnets have attracted widespread attention once they come out. Now they have been widely used in motors, speakers, toys, handicrafts, etc., and are currently the most widely used permanent magnet material.


So, in practical applications, high-performance ferrite magnets exactly what kind of role? First of all, it has a magnetic shielding effect, which can also be said to be able to absorb electromagnetic waves. Second, it has good temperature resistance and can work normally under higher temperature conditions.


For the moment, high-performance ferrite magnets are most commonly used in a variety of motors, such as start-up motors for motorcycles and automobiles, and motors for sunroof windows. Even high performance ferrite magnets can be found in curtain automation, toy motors and more.


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