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Proper use of powerful magnets
Jan 05, 2018

The so-called powerful magnets, in fact, we usually say that the NdFeB magnets. Compared with the average magnet, because of its superior magnetic properties, it is often referred to as a strong magnet. It is understood that, under normal circumstances, the NdFeB magnet can absorb its own weight 640 times the weight.


However, in different occasions, we generally choose according to the actual requirements of different powerful magnets. And its performance can usually be based on different magnetic energy integral N33-N52. Due to different performance, which can reach the magnetic force is different, in addition to a variety of high temperature temperature resistant materials.


Although powerful magnet magnetic performance is very good, but in the course of daily use still need to be noted, so as not to affect their performance. First of all, to ensure that the workplace clean, or it is likely to attract some iron and other small magnetic particles, thereby affecting the use.


Taking into account the characteristics of powerful magnets, as adsorption and collision damage is likely to occur, so in the process of small size magnets should try to avoid bumps. Stored in the storage room in the process, we must pay attention to maintaining indoor ventilation dry, so as not to cause corrosion caused by moisture.


At the same time also pay attention to control the temperature conditions within the context of their work, remember not to exceed the maximum working temperature of powerful magnets. In addition, in the absence of electroplating time, before storage should be applied to the appropriate amount of anti-rust oil. As for magnetizing products, attention should be paid to the magnetic field-sensitive objects away from disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors and watches during storage.


Finally, pay attention to the handling and installation of the issue, staff should ensure that strong magnets will not be subjected to violent impact. Otherwise, strong magnet may be damaged or cracked. Magnet magnetizing state transportation should take appropriate shielding measures, especially in the air transport must be completely shielded.


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