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Processing method, strong magnetic performance and storage requirements of powerful magnets
Jul 23, 2018

In the actual processing, the powerful magnet can be designed into different structural shapes according to user requirements. Commonly, there are disc-shaped, circular, square, perforated, trapezoidal, concavo-convex, run-to-shape, and some irregularities. shape. The strong magnet is made by crushing the powder produced by the NdFeB magnet as the raw material. The initial shape is called blank.


At present, due to the different magnetic energy products of the powerful magnets, the strong magnetic properties exhibited by them are different, so that the magnetic forces achieved by different products are different. In the process of storage, it is not allowed to be close to electronic equipment. If it is close, it will affect the electronic equipment and control loop and affect the use.


Also, it should be noted that it is best to store the powerful magnet in a relatively dry environment so as not to affect its magnetic properties. If a person who is sensitive to a metal object approaches the magnet, it will be rough and reddish. If the above reaction occurs, do not touch the strong magnet. Do not place magnets close to floppy disks, hard drives, credit cards, tapes, debit cards, TV tubes, etc.


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