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Precautions when processing rare earth permanent magnet ironless core motor
Jan 28, 2019

The rare earth permanent magnetic segment for coreless motor is the type of permanent magnet used in the permanent magnet motor. Magnetic tiles can be divided into three categories according to their raw materials: ferrite magnetic tiles, neodymium iron boron magnetic tiles, and aluminium nickel cobalt magnets. In the process of pressing the rare earth permanent magnet ironless core motor, the magnetic particles are oriented under the action of an external magnetic field, and the orientation magnetic field is substantially parallel and evenly distributed.


However, in the magnetic tile, due to the influence of the magnetic circuit and the difference of the magnetic density of the pressing density fitness equipment, the orientation degree of the middle area of the magnetic tile forms an approximate radial distribution. To improve the intensity of the orientation magnetic field in the middle area of the magnetic tile, it is necessary to reduce the magnetic circuit. The magnetic resistance, the hard die alloy of the lower die is embedded, and the hard alloy is processed into the ferrite magnetic tile, so that the arc is equal to the arc of the lower die and the arc is equal.


When the ferromagnetic material is in an external magnetic field, the volume of the magnetic tile whose spontaneous magnetization direction and the direction of the external magnetic field are at a small angle expands with the increase of the applied magnetic field, and the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile is further turned to the direction of the external magnetic field. Thereby achieving a certain purpose of use.



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