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Precautions in Permanent Magnet Motor Magnetic Tile Wound Pressing
Apr 04, 2018

Permanent magnet motor magnetic tiles are magnets in the permanent magnets that are mainly used in permanent-magnet motors. If they are distinguished from their raw materials, they can be divided into three categories. They are respectively ferrite magnets, NdFeB magnets, AlNiCo magnets and so on.


Although there are many types of permanent magnet motor magnetic tiles, the pressing process is basically similar. During the operation, the powder particles are oriented under the influence of an external magnetic field, and the orientation magnetic field is basically distributed in parallel, but in the magnetic tile. In the middle, due to the influence of the magnetic circuit and the difference in the magnetic density of the compaction fitness equipment, the central region of the magnetic tile is oriented to form an approximate radial distribution.


In order to improve the orientation magnetic field strength in the middle region of the permanent magnet motor, the magnetoresistance of the magnetic circuit should be reduced, the hard top alloy of the lower die should be embedded, and the hard alloy ferrite bead should be processed so that the curvature of the insert can be reduced. The arc of the tip arc is equal, so that higher quality is achieved.


When the ferromagnetic material is in an external magnetic field, the magnetic tile with a small angle between the direction of spontaneous magnetization and the direction of the external magnetic field expands as the applied magnetic field increases, and the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile of the permanent magnet motor is further turned. The direction of the external magnetic field.


permanent magnet motor magnetic tiles are used in permanent magnet DC motors, which are different from electromagnetic motors in generating magnetic potential sources through excitation coils. Permanent magnet motors use permanent magnets to generate a constant magnetic potential source, which makes the motor simple in structure, easy to maintain and weigh. Light, small size, reliable use, less copper, low copper consumption, low energy consumption, etc.



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