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Precautions and characteristics of rare earth NdFeB magnet
Jan 18, 2019

The strength of the magnetic field generated by the rare earth NdFeB magnet is related to the size of the direct current, the number of coil turns, and the magnetic conductive material at the center. When designing the electromagnet, attention will be paid to the distribution of the coil and the selection of the iron-conducting substance, and the use of direct current Size to control the strength of the magnetic field. However, the material of the coil has electrical resistance that limits the amount of magnetic field that the electromagnet can produce, but with the discovery and application of superconductors there will be opportunities to break through existing limitations.

Precautions for rare earth NdFeB magnets

1. Remove the paint from the end of the enameled wire or burn it with fire.

2. Wrap the enameled wire in the same direction.

3. Knot the end of the enameled wire.

Characteristics of rare earth NdFeB magnet

1. The electromagnet and the permanent magnet have the strongest magnetic force at both ends.

2. The magnetic force of the electromagnet can be changed.

3. The direction of the electromagnet can be changed.

4. The electromagnet magnet can be controlled freely.



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