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Powerful magnet and an ordinary magnet than where is the advantage?
Jan 16, 2017

Many customers have such a doubt in selecting the magnets, and that is what should I choose what kind of magnet, optional ND-Fe-b magnet or ferrite magnet good? Where is the difference between a magnet and an ordinary magnet? Manufacturers tell you!

Magnetic: the child magnet in the hands of the market is based on how many coins as the standard times and powerful magnet is magnetic, dozens of times and even hundreds of times. Powerful magnetic strength of workers generally install the magnet must be careful to avoid injuries, visible how strong its magnetic force.

Magnet good resistance: common magnet will continue, degaussing demagnetization in air. Strong magnet rare element, which itself has a very high coercive force, protect the natural environment and under normal conditions, cannot affect the magnetic, guarantee the stability of magnetic. From exposed magnet is different, strong magnetic surface plating can well ensure that magnets are not affected by corrosion of substances, such as acids and bases.

Strong magnetic high temperature resistance: strong magnet the limit temperature and Curie temperature is stronger than ordinary magnet. Either magnet material used is superior to a magnet, so it can withstand extreme temperature rises the magnet itself, can be used in the machine temperature guarantee the machine.

Hardness hard Magnet: magnet joined the density of rare elements and let magnet than a normal magnet hard lot. In use does not avoid the collision, will not affect the integrity of the magnet. General magnet fragile unable to maintain appearance for a long time.

Precision fine: powerful magnet detail is good, both size and performance magnetic values of tolerance, there are professional machines such as a Gauss meter to measure indicates the direction of magnetization, so errors can be ignored, while ordinary rough magnet production technology for other errors do not count, makes the already available features is greatly reduced.

Practical and save: strong magnet magnet strong performance not only in more than the simple magnet, its usefulness far beyond ordinary magnets to meet a wide variety of customer's specific needs. And saved and cannot be better than ordinary magnets cannot be used long-term and powerful magnet save the integrity to suit all situations of large quantities of stock.

Price: powerful magnet price must be higher than a normal magnet, the so-called a-price goods. Its bad quality also makes the price is lower than that of ordinary magnet magnet.

Powerful magnet in all respects values are higher than a normal magnet, its powerful magnets, stable resistance, temperature resistance for, hardness, reliability, precision of detail, and both are the advantages of strong magnet. So prices are slightly higher than ordinary magnet is taken for granted. Whether it be low on high-end generally consists mainly of strong magnet, little magnet such as a supplement. Different magnets the right choice.

PS: ordinary magnets and magnet the most obvious difference: ordinary magnet black magnet, magnetic properties of weak; magnet white magnet, magnetic is quite strong. Don't know what magnets are available in hand this distinction.

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