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Physical properties and performance parameters of bonded NdFeB magnet
Feb 11, 2019

The bonded NdFeB magnet is a magnet made by rapidly pressing a NdFeB magnetic powder and a binder by "press molding" or "injection molding". The bonded magnets have extremely high dimensional accuracy and can be made into magnetic components with relatively complicated shapes, and have the characteristics of one-shot molding and multi-pole orientation. The injection magnet has high mechanical strength and can be injected into one body during molding.


Tests have shown that the magnetic properties of bonded NdFeB magnet are much higher than that of ferrites; due to one-shot molding, no post-processing is required, and the dimensional accuracy is better than that of sintered NdFeB; in addition, it can be multi-pole magnetized; , Tw = 150 ° C; good corrosion resistance.


Excellent performance makes bonded NdFeB magnet widely used. Many car seat motors use bonded NdFeB magnet. The manufacturer can not only produce high-quality products, but also provide complete NdFeB ring rotor and stator components according to customer requirements.



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