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Permanent magnet motor magnetic tile electric car is available and magnetic field
May 23, 2018

Permanent magnet motor magnetic tiles are used in permanent-magnet motors. They have some advantages in use. For example, they can generate a constant magnetic potential source, and they can be used instead of electrical excitation to increase the use of motors. The performance and use effect make the motor have the advantages of simple structure, light weight, small size, safe and reliable use, small energy consumption and easy maintenance.


Permanent-magnet motor magnets, which are used in permanent magnet motors, and in electric vehicles, permanent-magnet motors can be used, so permanent-magnet motor magnets can be used. Moreover, the use of permanent magnet motor magnetic tiles on electric vehicles can also improve the motor's electromechanical conversion efficiency and extend the cruising range of electric vehicles. In the permanent magnet motor, it also has brush and brushless points, but can use the magnetic tile component.


Permanent magnet motor magnetic tile purchase, there are a variety of ways, either telephone consultation purchase, you can also buy through the industry website. However, if it is on the industry website, then it is necessary to know some specific information before you can do this work. In its specific information, it is the origin, parameters, performance, quality, price of magnetic tile products, as well as the product after-sales service and manufacturer.


The magnetic field of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is generally a pair of magnetic tiles, because the magnetic tile is divided into N pole and S pole, and the NS electrical angle is 360 degrees, so it must be used in pairs, otherwise it can not be used and work normally. The magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet motor magnetic shoe is from the stator core N pole through the air gap, and then through the rotor core and then through the air gap to the S pole. After that, from the S pole to the outer frame, and then through the frame to the N pole, this can form an effective closed loop.



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