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Permanent ferrite magnetic tile production process and application characteristics
Mar 21, 2018

Different from other magnetic tiles, the magnetic properties of the permanent ferrite magnetic tile exhibit a high magnetic permeability at high frequencies, and thus the permanent magnet ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the high-frequency weak current field. In addition, the magnetic energy stored in a unit volume of the permanent magnet ferrite is low, and the saturation magnetization is also low.


The production process of permanent ferrite magnetic tile is mainly divided into three types, namely, wet compression, dry compression, and dry compression. The difference between the opposite sex and the same sex is whether or not there is an orientation magnetic field when the press is formed. To focus on the introduction of permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic tile is a wet-pressed and anisotropic process.


The production of permanent ferrite magnetic tiles requires a series of processes such as pre-firing, coarse comminution, batching, secondary ball milling, magnetic field forming, sintering, grinding, cleaning, and magnetization. As the forming slurry contains moisture, it is formed on the magnetic field. The particles are easier to turn and therefore obtain a higher degree of orientation than the dry compression properties, and their performance is also higher.


Permanent magnet ferrite magnets are mainly used in permanent magnet DC motors, which can make the motor magnets have simple structure, convenient maintenance, light weight, small size, reliable operation, low copper consumption, low copper consumption, low energy consumption, etc. Advantages to play a better role.


Permanent magnet ferrite magnets can be used both at low speeds and at high speeds, but different modes of operation also have a certain influence on their installation. The former is bonded with AB glue; the latter is bonded with AB glue. Secured with a stainless steel sleeve to ensure its stability.



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